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We offer a wide range of Film and Television services


DOP Camera

Our expertise in organisation and planning has led me to work as Director of Photography on numerous television series, particularly within the compelling true crime genre. Our skills as a Director of Photography (DOP) and camera operator have allowed us to create unique looks and styles for a variety of television productions.


Jib Crane Cam

Our 10ft Jib Crane comes with full pan and tilt control. This powerful tool enables us to achieve cinematic movements and expansive shots. The versatility of the jib allows it to be set it up effortlessly at any location, ensuring stunning visuals that enhance the overall production


Music Videos

We create music videos of all genres. Whether it's a performance video, story led, or live show, our passion for supporting musical artists will allow for a truly incredible video experience. We feel lucky to have worked with some of the best artists out there today.



We effectively convey stories and collaborate with a talented team of creative professionals and performers. Regardless of the nature of the project or its location, we always strive to deliver our best work. Equipped with both knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment, we have the ability to transform a story into a visually captivating experience.



From fashion shoots, product shoots, and film & tv production stills, we offer a range of various photography both in studio and on location. 

Most tv shows we work on also see us on production stills duty and creating poster images for iplayer, itv x, Sky and online tv services.


Multi-Cam Editing

We are able to record live sessions with a multi-cam set up with the ability to live edit. From podcasts, sports sessions or interviews. 


Aerial Photography

We have a Mavic Mini II drone. This compact yet capable drone is ideal for capturing captivating aerial photographs. Whether it's shooting cutaways or establishing shots, the drone adds a dynamic perspective to the visuals, taking the viewer on a captivating journey through the skies.

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